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Our Mission:
        To promote renewable energy and sustainable solutions through education and demonstration.

Our Vision:
        Through education and demonstration, SEG inspires communities and individuals to make sound sustainable choices. Efficient and innovative technologies provide Siskiyou County’s energy needs from renewable sources.


Simply put, "A sustainable
society uses the earth's
resources in a manner that
will not diminish the quality of
life of future generations."
The sustainability forum
presents local and regional experts
on a range of renewable resource and sustainability topics. Community dialogue identifies achievable solutions.


Discussion between foresters,
landowners, businesses,
federal agencies and the
environmental community on
sustainable forestry and the
use of woodchips from fuel
load reduction programs for
renewable energy.

Sustainability Forum
Local and regional experts present on a range of sustainability topics

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Projects

Demonstration and Pilot Projects:


Mount Shasta Recycles
Wind Study

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